From $99.95


  • 1 Radiator
  • 1 Remove old radiator & Installacion New one
  • 1 Life time Warranty
  • *Warranty include only parts
Features & Benefits

Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that  Radiators meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace. That extends to all components, including engine and transmission oil coolers.

  • OE design to ensure exact fit, form and function for an easy drop-in installation
  • Built with high density multi-louvered fins for maximum cooling efficiency
  • All radiators are subjected to an aging and endurance test in order to validate their performance under extreme weather conditions
  • Engineered to stringent tolerances designed by our in house engineering team who have in-depth knowledge of the OE part it’s designed to replace
  • Gasket and O-rings are thermal shocked to ensure durability in extreme cold weather

Coolant Hose

Coolant Hose

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  • 1 Coolant Hose
  • 1 Installation
Features & Benefits

Molded Radiator and By-Pass Hoses are designed to provide the high strength and resistance to oil, mud, salt, road debris, ozone, coolants, and temperature variations required for a superior performance replacement hose.

  • Made with synthetic EPDM rubber compounds that provide resistance to deterioration from ozone, coolants, and temperature variations of -40°F (-40°C) to +257°F (+125°C)
  • The inner base tube is reinforced with knitted rayon for maximum strength and burst resistance for the life of the hose
  • Meets SAE J20R4, Class D-1 requirements for improved service hose
  • Meets Type EC electro-chemical requirements as specified in SAE J1684; which eliminates premature deterioration of the inner tube caused by the build up of static electric charges


Thermostat replacement

from $ 34.95


  • 1 Thermostat
  • 1 Installation
  • 1 LifetimeWarranty

*  Warranti include only parts

Features & Benefits

Thermostats offer premium, patented technology for superior protection over any thermostat on the market. Thermostats is designed to lock in the open position when overheating occurs due to a failing cooling system component. This allows maximum coolant flow, thus preventing expensive engine damage.

  • Exclusive, patented design
  • 100% tested and calibrated
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials from an OE supplier.

Cooling/Radiator Fan Replacement

Without a fully functional radiator fan, you’re putting your vehicle’s engine in danger of overheating. Stop your engine’s break-down before it begins with high quality radiator fan services from Ramon’s Automotive. From domestic automobiles to diesel truck radiator fans, we can keep your engine running.

Coolant Flush

Preventative maintenance on your car’s engine cooling system is just as important as regular oil change.  You can potentially avoid expensive radiator repairs by periodically bringing your vehicle in for a radiator flush. Like many of your vehicle’s other fluids, coolant eventually becomes gritty and dirty, which can damage your radiator if not flushed out and replaced. We clean out old radiator fluid, and then refill it with fresh coolant.